The learning program begins with five modules that teach the subject of Postmortem Interval (also known as PMI) and the recognition of certain signs of death. These five PMI modules provide a foundation for much of the material that will follow in the rest of the course. After the PMI modules, the program then continues with 32 AICSI modules, each of which teaches a specific AICSI guideline from a set of various topics.

You will start each training module by reviewing the guideline for that module. The module will then present an instructional video (each with an average length of 15 minutes) covering its specific topic followed by a short, 10-question quiz at the end of the module. Please note, AICSI 2 is a definitions module that doesn’t contain a video or a quiz, but is rather a set of reference materials that you may refer back to as you are taking the other learning modules. After completing all of the modules, there is a short Course Evaluation Survey that we ask you to complete as your input will help us continually add improvements to the program for future learners.

At the successful completion of this learning program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from AICSI that constitutes 20 continuing education hours. This training program has been approved and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education, also known by many as CAPCE. These continuing education hours will be recognized by CAPCE and can be used to apply to the recertification of your state license, or your national registration through the National Registry of EMTs.