The American Institute of Crime Scene Integrity (AICSI) is a guidelines setting organization. The guidelines setting process brings together, in the Institute, certain experience and expertise and varied interests and viewpoints to achieve consensus on Crime Scene integrity guidelines. While the AICSI oversees the process for developing these guidelines, it does not independently test, evaluate, or verify the accuracy or completeness of any of the information contained in the AICSI guidelines.

The AICSI also produces and distributes education programs intended to teach these guidelines.

In issuing and making AICSI guidelines available, the AICSI is not undertaking to render professional or other services for or on the behalf of any person or entity. Nor is the AICSI undertaking to perform any duty owed by any person or entity to someone else. Anyone using this information should rely on his or her own independent judgment or, as appropriate, seek the advice of a competent professional, and, if appropriate, seek legal counsel in determining the exercise of reasonable care in applying these standards and educational materials to any given circumstance or group of circumstances.

The AICSI has no power, nor do they undertake any power, to police or enforce compliance with the contents of AICSI guidelines. Nor does the AICSI list, certify, test, or inspect products, designs, or installations for compliance with any AICSI documents. Any certification or other statement of compliance with the requirements of this document which has not been issued by the AICSI shall not be attributable to the AICSI and is solely the responsibility of the certifier or maker of the statement.

The AICSI disclaims any liability for personal injury, property or other damages of any nature whatsoever, whether special, indirect, consequential or compensatory, direct or indirect resulting from the publication, use of, or reliance on AICSI guidelines and the educational material used to teach such standards.

Updating of AICSI Guidelines

Users of AICSI guidelines should be aware that these documents may be superseded at any time by the issuance of a new edition or a correction of the current edition by publication of an errata sheet. Upon the issuance of a new edition or changes made in an errata sheet, these new or corrected versions shall supersede any previous edition of the AICSI guidelines. The AICSI encourages the use of the most current edition, along with any erratum contained in the current version’s errata sheet. The official AICSI guidelines consist of the most current edition, including any issued errata.
The most current edition of the AICSI guidelines, with any issued errata can be found in the “Standards” section of the American Institute of Crime Scene Integrity website (

Law and Regulations

Users of AICSI guidelines should consult applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations, and protocols. The AICSI does not, by the publication and teaching of its standards, intend to recommend or support action that is not in compliance with applicable laws, regulation and protocols, and these documents should not be construed as doing so.

The AICSI guidelines are copyrighted. They are, however, made available for a wide variety of both public and private uses. By making these documents available for use and adoption by public authorities and private users, the AICSI does not waive any proprietary rights, including, without limitation, copyright, to these documents.